• Karaman / TURKEY

Chocolate Production Line

Biscuits, cakes, wafers are used to cover products such as chocolate or caramel. Completely manufactured ...
Chocolate covered from chocolate coating machine it is used whith the purpose of cooling the products.
Specialy designed anchors allow thinning of chocolate process. Completely made of stainless ...
In order to stock the product prepared in the chocolate the coating machine is transferred to the chamber.
Mass is used for making chocolate by melting the oil in the state bringing the machine.
Automatically feeds manualy or manualy machine. Servo Motor systems works. Capacity is determined according to need.
It is the machine that provides the mixing of all raw materials required for chocolate making.
Chocolate capacity can be adjusted with the help of a pump. The system produces its own hot water.
Thanks to the control panel on the machine, it is possible to adjust the mixing speed.
Surfaces in contact with food are made of 304 quality stainless material.