• Karaman / TURKEY

Cake Production Line

Oven outer covers can be manufactured from stainless material or painted on request.
It is used the inject jely in to finished products. It injects in to the desired number of cakes.
It is used to prevent baking-ready cakes from sticking to the pan. There are oil sprey nozzles on the machine ...
Completely made of stainless still material. Capacity is determined according to needs.
Cake is used to prepare the jelly that will be used in the jelly injecting machine.
It is a kind of machine used exped for the existing cake making plant. It automaticaly inserts ...
Capacity is determined according to need. Adjusting nozzles on the machine for dough printing in ...
Paket naturally cooling product are made ready. Length is determined according to capacity.
It is used with the purpose of cleaning cake resudies that stick to cake coats over time.
Taking products that are cooked in a pan with a vacuum system transfering it to the other band.
Cake is used to the direck production line in another direction. Completely made of stainless steel material.
It is used dry the wet pan out of the pan washing machine. Drying process is done by high pressure air.
Reproducing defective product that are not suitable for packaging during production making it convainent to use.
Whether there is any metal in the finished product is used the understand. When the metal is detected inside the product,
Cake is used for the purpose of moving the pan in the production facility. Machine body is optionaly made of stainless ...