• Karaman / TURKEY

Biscuit Production Line

On the machine to adjust the desired degree of 0-20 mm between each cylinder group separately is also provided.
The parts that come into contact whith the product and the outer cover are made of stainless material.
The touch screen on the machine, thanks to the cooking time of the product can be adjusted.
The sugar that is put into it is boiled and mixed to the consistency of molasses. Used the bring.
Sandvich by pressing cream between round, square and oval biscuit. Completely made of stainless ...
The product from the oven to cool naturally and allows them to be arranged in the desired manner.
The parts that come into contact with the product and the outer cover are made of stainless material are manufactured.
The batter prapared in the dough mixer automaticaly biscuit molding to the machine.
Parallel to the biscuit production line, usualy for factory areas used to rotate. Completely made of stainless ...
It is possible to grind unused products during production and reuse bringing the machine.
The dough prepared in the dough mixer is automaticaly transferred to the shredder. Completely made of stainless ...
Biscuit baking furnace products are automaticaly transferred to the tape. Completely made of stainless ...
Sprinkle products sucs as salt, sesame and spice on the dough biscuit processing machine.